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I just wanted to write you a quick THANK YOU. I didn't run the Chicago Marathon a week ago. I felt unprepared after taking so much time off of training, but I flew home to watch and it was agonizing! It was also really good for me!

I came back and immediately got over my ideas of what I wanted to achieve and signed up for the Long Beach Marathon just to see how it goes. No time goals, no one aware of my run, just another marathon.. just to see how it goes...

And it was AWESOME! No pain... seriously at all.. and I enjoyed every single minute of it because I could simply, physically complete it.

My time was better than expected for my lack of hard training but I love that I loved it and I seriously thank you and your staff for teaching me what it takes to get healthy and stay healthy. Despite all my readings, I never realized how important LOWER body weight training was to being a healthy runner. I always assumed that was taken care of by the act of running itself! Thanks to you, I am a step closer to the buns of steel and have happily discovered the joy of running again - just for the sake of being able to run!

Thanks Lisa and thank you to every one at Reischl that helped!!

Cheryl B.

My husband Steve was suddenly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in July of 2003 at age 55. His neurologist suggested Reischl Physical Therapy to help him regain some of the loss of balance and use of his muscles that were effected by this horrible disease.. After our first appointment with Lisa, we were both encouraged but scared about the effects of MS and were glad to know that Lisa had extensive experience in her field, specifically with MS patients. Steve began an aggressive schedule of rehab appointments with Lisa. As he improved he was excited to get to know the rest of the staff as well who were always positive, supportive and encouraged him to push forward with his recovery.

As his therapist, Lisa also became a good friend and Steve really looked forward to his work with her. In fact we felt like the entire staff at Reischl has now became part of our extended family! Steve’s hard work paid off, the improvement was slow but gradual, his strength and balance improved enough for him to return to work full time and even enjoying golf once again.

In June of 2005 I found myself in need of a hip replacement - and discovered my own recovery would be much more extensive than normal hip surgeries. I was excited and relieved to know I could also go to Reischl for my own physical therapy! We were even able to schedule our appointments together until I could start driving again. I arrived barely using a walker and slowly began waking up my muscles that had been asleep for so many years,. I pushed myself even asking for additional exercises! I was encouraged by Lisa and the entire support staff who kept my spirits up each day teaching me how to regain my independence and the ability to enjoy daily activities with a positive attitude!

We are both forever grateful to Steve, Susan, Lisa and the entire Reischl Family, and we hope that the only time we need to see them is for purely social reasons!

We both can rest a little easier knowing that if we need their help, they would be our first choice for physical therapy!

Thank You Reischl!

Martee and Steve N.


After many years as a patient of REISCHL PHYSICAL THERAPY, there is no doubt in my mind that the level of specialized care and personal commitment to my well-being and the time that they spend with me to unravel multiple complications has no equal.

Both Susan and Steve have surprised us by driving to the hospital to make sure I am fine. That is a statement to their care and concern. The rest of the staff reflects the same values and rigor.

Simply stated I have not and WOULD NOT HESITATE in recommending Reischl Physical Therapy. And I have received thanks every time!

Kenia C.


I wanted to let you know that the backpack trip went well and my ankle held up. It was a little tender for a few days after, but no more than my calves: so I'll all is well with it.

The first two days were about 15 miles total with almost 8000' of elevation gain and a 45 lbs pack! Then about 12 miles and 6000' of loss the last day. The second day was climbing 1500' of loose, large rocks that were really unstable. I'm actually pretty amazed my ankle was ok, it was like the BAPS on steroids. The only problme I had was my right knee started to hurt because I was favoring it stepping up and down the rocks. Once I corrected that, it got much better. Oh yeah, and I did most of it in low top trail runners!

It's a testament to your abilities that I was able to do this trip 4 months after destroying my ankle. Thank you so much for all the help and support, I couldn't have done it otherwise!

Andrew D.



On December 29th, 2003 I suffered an Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injury while skiing at Bear Mountain. I spent 12 days in a coma before regaining consciousness. Upon awaking, the doctors at the Loma Linda Hospital, concluded that I still had too much fluid pressure on my brain and decided to put in a ventriculostomy (hole in my skull) to relieve the pressure. When I safely awoke the second time, 3 days later, the doctors and nurses had much concern about my future.

There focus was on my normal brain functions such as recognition, remembering, and processing information. The least of their concerns was if I would be able to return to my prior athletic abilities.

Prior to the accident I was training for a spot on the national rowing team. Following the devastating accident to my brain and body, that dream had to be lost. After 45 days in a hospital I was discharged with an extensive neurological, speech, occupational, and physical therapy program.

I excelled at the speech and occupational therapies but had some troubles with the neurological and physical therapies. I worked with my neuropsychologist and former physical therapist on what my goals should be. They both expected me to respond with some improvement on my psychological abilities but I surprised them with an enthusiastic answer of, “I WANT TO RUN AGAIN!”

I was living in Connecticut at the time and moved back to California in the fall of 2005 and introduced myself to the University of Southern California Physical Therapy department. After a few sessions at USC they found out I was living in Long Beach so they referred me to Dr. Steve Reischl for some more extensive treatments. Dr. Reischl’s first question to me was, “What goals do you have?” Again I responded with a forceful, “I WANT TO RUN AGAIN!”

He looked over my medical history and said that he would do the best he could do to help and that we’ll reach that goal. The best that he could do was the best that anyone could have done. He would do the normal routines of therapy in his office and would offer to meet me at the Long Beach State track to do more specific trainings towards running.

I began seeing him in February of 2006 with a very powerful physical disorder. I’m writing this now in November of 2007 after much positive work with Steve. I’m proud to say that WE, not me, but WE reached my goal. On Thanksgiving Day, Steve took time out of his family’s day to run a Turkey Trot with me. It may have not been the prettiest race or highest place but it was the most proud and successful race I’ve ever completed. That pride comes from hearing so many people say, “We’ll try to reach your goal but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen.” Steve and all the others at Reischl Physical Therapy said, “If that is your goal then let’s reach it and have fun in the process.”

Being a patient at Reischl Physical Therapy was one of the best decisions of my life.

Dustin B.

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