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Tai Chi-inspired flow for better balance

Tai Chi Inspired Flow for Better Balance -- By Dr. Ashley Wallace, PT, DPT

According to several studies, practicing Tai Chi 3x/week for 12 weeks, may improve your balance, decrease pain, and contribute to improvements in blood pressure. 

Tai Chi is a popular martial art, with 5 different styles, from gentle and flowing movements to more advanced poses.  All styles offer challenges to your balance and encourage whole body connectedness. 

In some traditional forms, it is thought that the practitioner should move as if submerged in water with the feet grounded on the floor.  Visualizing the energy required to move against the resistance of water helps to activate muscles throughout your body.  It is a wonderful form of focused exercise to incorporate into your weekly or daily fitness routine.  

Today we will be teaching you some simple Tai Chi-inspired exercises to help introduce you to the benefits of this practice. 

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